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We have returned to In-Person appointments, click below to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment 

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PDFs, for printing: Download Adobe Acrobat Reader if needed to view these forms. To fill out the forms online, click Select Text in the Acrobat toolbar. When you are finished, click Print.

If your form will not print after you click Print, click the Advanced button and check Print as Image to print the form.


Forms may be mailed, hand delivered, faxed, or emailed to our office.


Terms & Privacy Policies




Animal Support Documents


     *Animal must be registered under the patient

     *Most recent vaccines

     *Picture of Animal



*Please note, that FMLA forms must first be filled out by the patient's PCP


Disability Documentation


University Student Petition


Personal Medical Records Request

Please remember that Medical Record Requests

may take up to 30 days by Florida Law

$1 /page

Diagnosis Letter


Expedited Service Fee

Please remember that any kind of these forms take time. Thursday are designated days to works on these for our clients. If needed sooner please note there is a Service Fee to accommodate allotted time. 


Note: all Medical Records, forms, and letters may take a minimum of 7 business days up to 30 days.

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