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Our Team Members

Hernan Pabon.jpg

Hernan Pabon

M.D. Psychiatry

Our Offices Medical Director. 

Dr. Pabon is versed in medication management, individual psychotherapy, lab diagnostics and testing. 

He has various publications that can be found here. Fluent in English, Spanish, and French. 

Fun Fact (^_^) : he plays tennis as a hobby

Adriana Aristizabal picture .png

Adriana Aristizabal

A.R.N.P Psychiatry

With over 10 years of experience in healthcare Adriana is one of our popular providers. Fluent in Spanish and English Adriana offers our patients her attention patient and compassion. Experienced in a plethora of diseases and conditions. 


Rolando Gonzalez

A.R.N.P Psychiatry

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Odalys Waugh

Ph.D, L.M.H.C

Clinical Sexologist

"Why we need Psychotherapy. It is the art of understanding, find solutions, being healthy, mentally stable" -Dr. Waugh

In this field of work we provide our clients/patients with the opportunity to build their life, create a happier and optimistic person from within.
We care and are satisfy for the clients success. Your success is our success and we care deeply to work hard to accomplish
your goals. 
Learn more about Dr. Waugh's on her Website:


Cesar Raoli

M.D. Psychiatry

Our newest addition, Dr. Rzadkowolsky-Raoli attended the University of Miami Medical school, and was a Staff Psychiatrisy at St. Mary's Nueropsychiatry in Rome, Italy. Check out some of his publications here.

Fun Fact (^_^) : He is fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, and Zulu.


Albert Garcia

A.R.N.P Psychiatry

Albert graduated from FIU with a Master's in Nursing. As one of the youngest easy-going providers of our team our teens, kids, and young adults tend to feel more comfortable with him.


Francisco Brenes

A.R.N.P Psychiatry

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photo romero.jpg

Odalis Romero

Registered Mental Health Counselor 

Mrs. Romero was an educator for many years prior to going into the counseling field. She holds a master’s in special education as well as in counseling, with concentration in mental health counseling and applied behavior analysis. She enjoys working with children and their families. She has worked in hospital settings where she had to help assist adult patients with chronic mental health disorders, thus even though she enjoys working with children she is also trained in working with adults. She also has worked with schools helping students with various academic or behavioral problems.  

Mrs. Romero aims on improving each client’s life while providing various therapeutic frameworks. She is known to use art and play therapy to get children and adolescents to work through trauma or anything they might be going through. She has also used CBT to help children with depression and anxiety, however, she tends to be eclectic and identify what would be the best framework for each client. She truly aims to help each person she meets to meet their goal and feel better about who they are


Oscar Pozo

M.D. Psychiatry

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Yanet Hernandez

A.R.N.P Psychiatry

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Steven .jpeg

Steven Krywinski

L.M.H Supervisor


Dr. Krywinski is our Supervising Licensed Psychotherapist. He has a large background in various disorders including but not limited to: ADHD, Anger Management, Phobias, Bereavement Issues, Addictions, Anger Management. 

Fun Fact (^_^) : Dr. Krywinski experienced a semester abroad in Madrid, Spain.


Betsy O'Farrill

MS, Marriage and Family Therapy

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Betsy holds a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has knowledge and training in school psychology, evaluating and assisting children with learning disabilities, academic and behavioral problems, as well as mood and chronic mental disorders.

Betsy identifies herself as an eclectic and collaborative clinician who enjoys working with her clients as a team to identify possible stressors, problems, solutions, as well as the best therapeutic framework for each client.

She aims to provide clients the opportunity to reexplore themselves in order to find those areas that need to be worked on as well as to find and celebrate the areas of strength.

Betsy has worked in the mental health setting offering and providing trauma informed and culturally specific mental health services, advocacy, case management, and support groups to victims/survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and any other type of victimization. Conducted counseling sessions individually, with families, and couples. Helped clients recognize their own behavior patterns, and reestablish good relationships.